[EAI Online Seminar] Democracy Cooperation Series 8. Examining Systems of Political Finance in Asian Democracies

  • 2021-04-20


Inadequate political finance systems pave the way for corruption and abuse – What are viable ways to enhance transparency and integrity?


The East Asia Institute (President Yul Sohn), as a secretariat of the Asia Democracy Research Network (ADRN), invited you to the eight online seminar of the [Democarcy Cooperation] series, titled "Examining Systems of Political Finance in Asian Democracies." During this seminar, ADRN members from Pakistan, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Malaysia discussed various systems in place on political finance across these countries. The panelists further shared their thoughts on what key reforms are required across each country and the region. 


  • Time and Date: April 20, 2021 15:30 – 17:00 (KST)

  • Presenters: Aira Azhari(Manager of Democracy and Governance Unit, IDEAS), Ahmed Bilal Mehbob (Founder and CEO, PILDAT), Sri Nuryanti(Researcher, Indonesian Institute of Sciences), Chin-en Wu(Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Political Science, Academia Sinica)

  • Moderator: Aasiya Riaz(Joint Director, PILDAT)