#23. EAI Internship, What Lies Ahead!

  • 2021-03-11
  • Klara Grasic


2021 Winter Semester
Klara Grasic, Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies


Hello everyone.


My name is Klara Grasic, I am a graduate student of International Cooperation at Yonsei University. As someone who has a big passion to work in the research field, the internship offered by EAI really opened my eyes to the inside workings of a successful think tank. It was an incredible opportunity to learn as well as meet new people with various backgrounds, all harmoniously working together to create a great work atmosphere.


There was never a dull moment in the 8 weeks of my internship, as I was lucky enough to make small contributions to various different projects. Under the mentorship of Ms. Seo Juwon I was able to see a behind-the-scenes look of the prominent Journal of East Asian Studies and help with the running of its social media channels. I feel especially proud that some of my designs and edits are published on various EAI media platforms, as it allowed me to see just how much work is put behind each publication.


Thanks to my other mentor, Ms. Jun Juhyun, I was also able to work in Korean, which deepened my understanding of the language. It also significantly improved my translating ability, apart from being useful in daily life in Korea. As a foreigner, I was not able to experience the Korean work customs yet, and the EAI employees were patient and willing to teach us the proper etiquette, which I believe will prove invaluable.


Overall, I will fondly look back at the memories made at the EAI and cheer on all of the researchers, employees and interns in the future! They truly provided me with a good stepping stone for my future endeavors.


I thank everyone for all of their support throughout my time with the institute.