#21. EAI Internship, What Lies Ahead!

  • 2021-03-11
  • Kester Abbott


2021 Winter Semester
Kester Abbott, Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies


My name is Kester Abbott and I am currently a student at Yonsei University’s Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), majoring in Global Affairs and Policy. I was honored to have been given the opportunity to intern at the East Asia Institute (EAI) during the winter of 2021 and to be able to better understand the workings of a think tank that is at the forefront of providing quality research in navigating the world’s most dynamic, yet challenging, region.


During my internship, I was primarily concerned with issues relating to the institute’s ‘Global North Korea’ and ‘Asian Democracy Research Network (ADRN)’ projects. My roles, among others, included writing and editing editorials and headlines for upcoming published works and online events, complying research materials and supporting other organizational processes. Working within these programs not only further developed my writing and research skills, but also stimulated my analytical thinking on these challenges and view them through an expanding range of perspectives. Being of immense global importance, I am happy to have been able to contribute to addressing these issues by working alongside an exceptional group of people at EAI.


My internship at EAI also allowed me the opportunity to conduct my own research interest concerning political-economic policy choices in North Korea. Being surrounded by a highly experienced and skilled team, I was given guidance and support in furthering my research and writing capabilities, therefore making my internship experience both an opportunity for professional and academic development.


I would like to thank all the staff at EAI for their warm welcome to me into EAI. I would particularly like to thank my supervisor, Ms. Baek, for her encouragement and support to me during my time at the Institute and guiding me through my internship project as well as furthering my interest in better understanding the workings of a think-tank. I was also fortunate to have met an amazing and highly skilled group of fellow interns, whose own perspectives and interests have left a deep influence on my own.


I have really enjoyed my experience at the East Asia Institute and will come to view it as a professional environment that helped guide and develop my future career.