#20. EAI Internship, What Lies Ahead!

  • 2021-01-11
  • Sein Kim

2020 Autumn Semester
Sein Kim, Korea University


Being part of EAI as an intern has been full of unforgettable moments.


I came across EAI by chance through one of my professors from Korea University, who had introduced me to this esteemed institution during career counseling. My initial destination had been Cambridge, in which I planned to begin my postgraduate studies as soon as I graduate from Korea University in late 2020. Unfortunately, my plan was frustrated with the spread of the Coronavirus, and thus I deferred my studies to the entry year of 2021 and began to devise a new plan for my unexpected gap year. When I asked for advice, my professor recommended me to apply for an internship at EAI, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made so far.


During the internship at EAI, I was involved in many different projects as it was the busiest season of the year. Especially in October, I assisted in organizing two major events: ' The 8th Korea-Japan Future Dialogue' and 'MBN-EAI Diplomacy Strategy Symposium: US-China Strategic Competition and South Korea's Middle Power Diplomacy.' My prime tasks were to analyze survey data, create graphs, translate documents, and summarize conferences in preparation for these academic events. In addition to these roles, I gained opportunities to participate in various webinars, read numerous journals on political science and international affairs, and attend meetings/symposiums/forums with delicious lunch!


It was truly an enchanting experience to look into what it is like at research institutes and to take part in preparing monumental projects led by such competent and hard-working researchers. Plus, a regular lunch tour in Eulji-ro added a little more fun and joy in working in this academically invigorating community! The coffee we had during breaks and cafe tours was the best I have had so far, and I still miss many of the cafes I was introduced to by the friendly researchers at EAI.


It was indeed a great honor to be able to gain first-hand experience in the field of international affairs, and last but not least, thank you everyone for making my experience at EAI memorable!