[JEAS Editor’s Pick] February 2021

  • 2021-02-22


We would like to introduce the promotional videos from the Journal of East Asian Studies (JEAS), an English-language journal published by the East Asia Institute (EAI). Editor Stephan Haggard, a Professor at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), has selected articles from current issues, articles in First View and pieces that are worth reading again. The following seven articles are a selection of JEAS Editor's Picks for 20(3) and others. We ask for your continued support and interest for the next JEAS Editor’s Pick.


1. China Virtual Special Issue [View Article]


2. David C. Kang “International Relations Theory and East Asian History: An Overview” [View Article]


3. Scott Desposato, Gang Wang “The Long-Term Impact of Social Movements and Repression on Democratic Attitudes” [View Article]


4. Aim Sinpeng, Dimitar Gueorguiev, Aries A. Arugay “Strong Fans, Weak Campaigns: Social Media and Duterte in the 2016 Philippine Election” [View Article]


5. Ryan Tans “Business and Local Taxation in the Philippines” [View Article]


6. Teri L. Caraway “De-Thaksinizing Thailand: The Limits of Institutional Design” [View Article]


7. Jong-sung You, Jiun-Da Lin “Liberal Taiwan versus Illiberal South Korea: The Divergent Paths of Election Campaign Regulation” [View Article]