[Democracy Promotion Special Report] South Korea’s International Efforts and Democracy Assistance towards Anti-Corruption
Nam Kyu Kim | 2023-10-30
I. Introduction   Recently, there has been heated international debate concerning anti-corruption. By holding the ever-first special session against corruption, the 2021 United Nations General Assembly urged international cooperation for the prevention and eradication of corruption. Having regarded anti-corruption as ...
[Democracy Promotion Special Report] Fostering Global Democracy and the Role of the Korean National Assembly
Woo Chang Kang | 2023-10-30
I. Introduction   Democratic nations worldwide are currently facing a myriad of domestic and international challenges (Bartels et al. 2023). On the global stage, the conflicts between the democratic and the authoritarian camps has been intensified, along with the spread of authoritarian regimes. The Democracy Report,...
[EAI Issue Briefing] Diverging Perspectives on Improving Bilateral Relations: Analysis of the 2023 Korea-Japan Joint Opinion Poll
Commentary·Issue Briefing
Yul Sohn | 2023-10-24
Preface   In 2023, relations between South Korea and Japan began to thaw. Since the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea announced the solution to address disputes regarding forced labor under Japanese colonial rule in March, six bilateral summits were held in the following six months. Intergovernmental exchange has a...
EAI | 2023-07-27
Empowering K-ODA to Promote Global Democracy   Tae Kyoon Kim (Professor, Seoul National University) points out the problem of polarization in development cooperation arising from the growing use of official development assistance (ODA) to serve the donor's national interests. Kim emphasizes the necessity of streng...



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