On May 10, 2023, the East Asia Institute (EAI) invited esteemed American and Chinese security experts from Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center, Beijing University, and Grandview Institution to a half-day conference titled "Nuclear Competition and Escalation Pathways in East Asia: ROK, US, and PRC Perspectives on Cooperation for the Future of the Korean Peninsula." The conference provided panelists and the audience with a unique opportunity for candid and free in-person exchange of views, which had been prevented due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The participants from the three countries discussed (1) U.S.-China Nuclear Competition and DPRK Nuclear Threats and (2) the Future of the Korean Peninsula and a Path to Seoul-Washington-Beijing Cooperation. The outcome of the strategic dialogue among top-notch experts in the field will be published as special reports and interview series shortly.

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