History & Organization


  • Research Center for Innovative Future is launched
  • Research Center for Trade, Technology, and Transformation is launched
  • EAI Current Affairs Debate: “Korea-Japan Relations, Where Are We Headed?”
  • EAI Policy Debate: “Moon Jae-in Administration Mid-term Assessment: Public Opinion Survey and Policy Proposals”


  • Yul Sohn, Professor at the Yonsei University GSIS, is inaugurated as the third president
  • Launch of the Rising China and New Civilization in the Asia Pacific research project
  • Global North Korea, a comprehensive archival website, is launched
  • Held the Council of Councils Eleventh Regional Conference in Seoul


  • EAI scholarship recipients are selected
  • Launch of Fellows Program on Peace, Governance, and Development in East Asia
  • Held EAI Young Festival


  • Launch of EAI Sarangbang
  • First Korea-Japan Mutual Perceptions Public Opinion Poll, launch of the Korea-Japan Future Dialogue Initiation of the KF-EAI Korea Friendship Program
  • Asia Democracy Research Network (ADRN) is launched


  • EAI 10th anniversary lecture series
  • Young-Sun Ha, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Seoul National University, is appointed as EAI’s second chairman
  • Ranked 65th among think tanks in the world
  • Founding member of the Council of Councils sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations


  • EAI social sciences lecture series- The Youth of History: From the Positivists of the 18th Century to the Complex Wave of the 21st Century
  • First governance roundtable, first press forum, EPIK Young Leaders Conference, Launch of the North Korean Advancement Strategy Team


  • EAI is designated as a key research institute in the MacArthur Foundation’s Asia Security Initiative (ASI)


  • Sook Jong Lee, Professor in the Public Administration Department at Sungkyunkwan University, is appointed as EAI’s second president


  • Election Panel Survey


  • EAI holds expert seminars, Global Academy


  • EAI launches North Korea Panel, EAI Fellows Program


  • EAI launches National Security Panel (NSP), Korea-US Dialogue 21, and EAI GlobalNet 21Forum


  • EAI launches supporters association


  • EAI is established with the first EAI Chairman, Hong-Koo Lee, former Prime Minister and EAI founder, Byung-Kook Kim, Professor in the Political Science and Diplomacy Department at Korea University, is appointed as EAI’s first president