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Studies on North Korea continue to be led and dominated by Western institutions and think tanks. EAI has recognized the need to restore balance in Korean studies which include discussions on North Korea, unification strategies for the Korean Peninsula, and a wider East Asian strategy in dealing with the North Korea problem. In response, EAI opened its comprehensive English-based website, "Global North Korea (Global NK)", in 2018 and continues its management and operation. “Global North Korea (Global NK)” is an archival website that follows a systematic and comprehensive approach in categorizing and storing documents published in South Korea, the U.S., China and Japan. The categories are divided into four major frameworks consisting of Sanctions, Engagement, Internal-transformation and Deterrence. Moreover, the website provides a statistical overview which viewers can reference for identifying the changing perceptions of North Korea within the four identified countries. This website aims to provide a unique perspective and approach toward the North Korean problem by offering analysis and strategies published by experts and collecting publications related to North Korea from external organizations.

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