National Security Panel (NSP)

EAI conducted the first National Security Panel (NSP) in June 2004 with 18 experts to discuss foreign affairs and security policies related to both national and public concerns. Since then, the National Security Panel has successfully published seven books:  A Grand Strategy for Korea's Diplomacy in the 21st Century: Building a State (2006), East Asian Community: Myth and Reality (2008), New Alliance in the 21st Century: From Cold War towards Complexity (2010), Crisis and Complexity: The World Order after the Economic Crisis (2011), 2020: 10 Big Challenges for South Korean Diplomacy: Complexity and Resonance (2013), Korean Peninsula in 1972 and its Surrounding Four Rivers in 2014 (2015), Architectural Competition between US-China’s in the Asia –Pacific Order (2017).


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[EAI NSP Report] Toward 2020: Ten Agendas for South Korea’s Foreign Policy

  • 2012-12-31
  • Jaewoo Choo·Chaesung Chun·Young-Sun Ha·Dongho Jo·Chi-Wook Kim·Sung-bae Kim·Youn Kyoo Kim·Min Gyo Koo·Dong Sun Lee·Dong Ryul Lee·Seungjoo Lee·Yong Wook Lee·Bongkyo Seo·Beom-Shik Shin·Yul Sohn

Working Paper

[NSP Report 56] Aging Population and East Asia Security

  • 2012-07-20
  • Seongho Sheen