EAI Newsletter [October 2020]

  • 2020-11-02
Knowledge-Net for a Better World October 2020
[Multimedia] <The 8th Korea-Japan Public Opinion Survey> Press Conference and <The 8th Korea-Japan Future Dialogue>
"Korea-Japan Cooperation amid Changing World Order: Prospects of Constructing Future-Oriented Bilateral Relations"

The East Asia Institute(President Yul Sohn), the Chey Institute for Advanced Studies (CIAS) and The Genron NPO co-hosted the 8th Korea-Japan Future Dialogue on October 16-17 at the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies’ Conference Hall. The conference invited political, academic, business and cultural experts as well as youth representatives to discuss the key findings of the 8th Korea-Japan Public Opinion Survey under the theme, <Korea-Japan Cooperation amid Changing World Order: Prospects of Constructing Future-Oriented Bilateral Relations>. This was an on- and offline hybrid event consisting of a remote conference between the Korean and Japanese panelists as well as both an online and an on-site audience in Korea and Japan.
Opinion Survey(in Korean) ▶ pc   Conference ▶ pc


MBN-EAI Symposium on Diplomatic Strategy: U.S.-China Strategic Competition and South Korea's Middle Power Diplomacy

"What Path Should South Korea Take amid Intensifying U.S.-China Strategic Competition?" pc

<Democratic Cooperation> Online Seminar Series 5

"Rising Threats to Democracy: Spread of Disinformation in Social Media" Online Seminar pc

<NDI South Korea Democracy > Fourth Interview

"South Korea Democracy Storytelling: Korean Democracy and its Engagement for International Solidarity"  pc

JEAS Editor’s Pick

"JEAS Editor's Selection of Journal Articles for the Month"  pc
  Global NK Commentary

Mason Richey, Friends With Benefits: Should the Republic of Korea Count on US Extended Nuclear Deterrence?

"Extended nuclear deterrence on the Korean Peninsula: What matter are the provider’s credibility and reliability"  pc
  Issue Briefing

Yul Sohn, Public Opinion Shows Korea-Japan Relations in Crisis: People Want Change

"Korea-Japan Relations, Time to Transition from Hostility to Co-prosperity" (in Korean)  pc
  Working Paper

2020 Korean Identity Series 1

"South Koreans’ Perception of History, People, Nation, and the World" (in Korean) 
Paper 1 pc
Paper 2 pc
Paper 3 pc
Paper 4 pc
  Working Paper

2020 Korean Identity Series 2

"South Koreans’ World of Politics: Political Differentiation, Democracy and the Government" (in Korean) 
Paper 1 pc
  Working Paper

2020 Korean Identity Series 3

"South Koreans’ Way of Life: Multiculturalism, Work-Life Balance, and Communication" (in Korean) 
Paper 1 pc
Paper 2 pc
Paper 3 pc

<2020 KF Korea Workshop> Orientation and Lectures

"Connecting with Foreign Residents in Korea through Lectures Based on Clusters E, A, I"  pc

MDRN Survey Research Program Remote Workshop

"Myanmar in Transition: Will the Country Move a Step Further Toward a 'Full Democracy’ Following the 2020 General Election?"  pc

The 32nd EAI-GlobalNet21 Forum

"Forum with the Chinese Ambassador to ROK, Xing Haiming" (in Korean)  pc

<NDI South Korea Democracy Storytelling> Roundtable

"Cross-Generational Discussion on South Korea's Democracy and Future Prospects" (in Korean)  pc
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