[JEAS Editor’s Pick] October 2020

  • 2020-10-30
Knowledge-Net for a Better World October 2020
JEAS Editor’s Pick

October 2020
We would like to introduce the promotional videos from the Journal of East Asian Studies (JEAS), an English-language journal published by the East Asia Institute (EAI). Editor Stephan Haggard, a Professor at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), has selected articles from current issues, articles in First View and pieces that are worth reading again. The following six articles are a selection of JEAS Editor's Picks for the October issue. We ask for your continued support and interest for the next month’s JEAS Editor’s Pick in November.

동아시아연구원(EAI)에서 운영하는 영문저널 Journal of East Asian Studies(JEAS)의 홍보 비디오를 여러분께 소개합니다. 홍보 비디오는 JEAS의 최근호, 출판예정 논문 및 다시 읽어볼 만한 논문들을 편집장 스테판 해거드(샌디에이고 캘리포니아대) 교수가 직접 선정하여 제작한 짧은 소개 영상입니다. [JEAS Editor’s Pick] 2020년 10월 선정 논문은 아래와 같이 총 6편입니다. 다음 달 11월 JEAS Editor’s Pick도 많은 관심 바랍니다.
  1. Virtual Special Issue [View Article]
  2. Joseph Wong "The Adaptive Developmental State in East Asia" [View Article]
  3. Vito D’Orazio "War Games: North Korea's Reaction to US and South Korean Military Exercises" [View Article]
  4. Andrei Lankov, Peter Ward, Ho-yeol Yoo and Ji-young Kim "Making Money in the State: North Korea’s Pseudo-State Enterprises in the Early 2000s" [View Article]
  5. Stan Hok-wui Wong and Minggang Peng "Petition and Repression in China's Authoritarian Regime: Evidence from a Natural Experiment" [View Article]
  6. Mark S. Manger "The Economic Logic of Asian Preferential Trade Agreements: The Role of Intra-Industry Trade" [View Article]
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