Changing Korean Voters 5: Analysis of the 2012 General Election and Presidential Election Panel Studies

  • 2013-09-09
  • Edited by Nae-Young Lee and Hyun-Jin Seo

ISBN  9788992395397


Table of Contents




Methodology and Application | Chun-seok Kim and Seok-Sang Yu


I. Continuing Issues
1. Regionalism and Political Preferences | Kwang-Il Yun
2. Ideology and Voting in the 2012 Presidential Election | Won-Taek Kang
3. Generation Effect in the 18th Presidential Election | Nae-Young Lee and Han-Wool Jeong
4. Non-Partisan’s Choice | Won-Ho Park


II. Emerging Issues
5. Analysis of Ahn Cheol Soo Syndrome | Jun-Seok Kim
6. Voters’ Policy Preference and Voting | Byong-Keun Jhee
7. Partisanship and Perception of a Candidate’s Ideological Position | Seung-Jin Jang
8. Media Effect in the 18th Presidential Election | Hyun-Jin Seo