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Amid the deepening U.S.-China strategic competition, East Asia Institute (EAI) conducted a public opinion poll to discern the Korean people’s perception of China and ROK-China relations. EAI presents the survey results in chart form in the “EAI Public Opinion Briefing.” Despite predominantly negative impressions of China and President Xi Jinping, over 80 percent of respondents believe that Korea-China relations is crucial for Korea. The survey results unveiled public opinion that separately recognizes the favorability and significance of China.

2023 EAI Public Opinion Poll on International Affairs


Adults aged 18 and over


Regions throughout South Korea

Sampling Methods

Proportional allocation by gender, age, region, and random sampling (Resident registration population data presented by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, July 2023)

Valid Sample Size


Survey Methods

Face-to-face Interviews (Personal Interview: PI)

Time Period

2023. 8. 25. ~ 2023. 9. 13.

Survey Agency

Hankook Research Co. Ltd.

Composition of Respondents

Male 49.8%; Female 50.2%

Middle School Graduate and Under: 14.8%
High School Graduate: 38.6%
Junior College Graduate and Over: 46.6%

Under 20: 1.4%
20 to 29: 14.9%
30 to 39: 14.7%
40 to 49: 18.0%
50 to 59: 19.9%
Over 60: 31.2%


[Visit to China] Have you ever visited China?

[Public Opinion on China] What is your impression of China?

[Reasons for Favorable Impressions] Why do you have a favorable impression of China? [Up to 2 responses]

[Reasons for Unfavorable Impressions] Why do you have an unfavorable impression of China? [Up to 2 responses]

[Public Opinion on the PRC President] What is your impression of Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China?

[Current ROK-China Relations] What do you think current relations between Korea and China are like?

[Importance of the ROK-China Relations] Currently, how important are the ROK-China relations to Korea?

[Future of the ROK-China Relations] How do you envision the future relations between Korea and China?

[ROK-China Economic Relations] How would you define the economic relationship between Korea and China?

[Whether China Will Surpass the United States] Do you believe China will surpass the United States and become a global leader in the near future?

[ROK’s Position in US-China Conflict] If a serious US-China conflict were to occur, what position should ROK take?

[Opinion on THAAD Deployment] What do you think of the THAAD deployment?

[Top Policy Priority toward China] What is ROK’s top policy priority toward China? [Single Response]

Major Project

Center for China Studies

Center for Public Opinion Research


Public Opinion

Detailed Business

U.S.- China Strategic Competition

East Asia Public Opinion Poll

Korea-Japan(East Asia) Public Opinion Survey

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