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[JEAS Editor’s Pick] November 2021

  • 2021-11-16


We would like to introduce a few promotional videos from the Journal of East Asian Studies (JEAS), an English-language journal published by the East Asia Institute (EAI). Editors Stephan Haggard, the Lawrence and Sallye Krause Professor of Korea-Pacific Studies at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), and Tom Pepinsky, Walter F. LaFeber Professor of Government and Public Policy at Cornell University, have selected the following five articles to introduce in JEAS Editor's Picks from JEAS Volume 21 Issue 1. We ask for your continued support and interest for the next JEAS Editor’s Pick.


1. Yu Jin Woo - Why Divide Migrants by Their Types?: Contacts and Perceptions of Migrants in Japan [View Article]


2. Peter Ward, Andrei Lankov and Jiyoung Kim - Embedded and Autonomous Market Actors in North Korea’s Fishing Industry: Agency Costs, Resource Scarcity and Evolving Institutions [View Article]


3. Wei-Ting Yen, Kristine Kay, Fang-Yu Chen - Is Trading With China Different? Self-Interest, National Pride, And Trade Preferences [View Article]


4. Nhu Truong - Opposition Repertoires Under Authoritarian Rule: Vietnam's 2016 Self-Nomination Movement [View Article]


5. Nathanael Gratias Sumaktoyo - Ethnic And Religious Sentiments In Indonesian Politics: Evidence From The 2017 Jakarta Gubernatorial Election [View Article]