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[EAI Online Seminar] Democracy Cooperation Series 11. Voices of the Youth for Democracy

  • 2021-08-31


The East Asia Institute (President Yul Sohn) held the eleventh online seminar of the [Democratic Cooperation] series, titled "Voices of the Youth for Democracy." Many countries have observed a rise in youth’s participation in politics. In this seminar, youth panelists from South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka discussed the issue of youth representation in political processes, the forms in which youth participate in politics, and political agendas raised by the youth. Additionally, panelists discussed ways to enhance youth participation and representation in politics.


  • Time and Date: August 25, 2021 15:00-17:00 (KST)
  • Presenters: Kyung Dong Kim (The Young Tent, South Korea), Mouliza K. D. Sweinstani (Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Indonesia), Senel Wanniarachchi (Hashtag Generation, Sri Lanka), Purawich Watanasukh (King Prajadhipok’s Institute, Thailand)
  • Moderator: Jung Kim (University of North Korean Studies, South Korea)