◆ The 11th Korea-Japan Joint Public Opinion Poll


The East Asia Institute (EAI, President Yul Sohn) and Genron NPO (President Yasushi Kudo) conducted the 11th Korea-Japan Joint Public Opinion Poll in August and September 2023. The survey, marking its eleventh anniversary, aims to consistently track changes in people's understanding and perception in both countries, with the goal of promoting mutual understanding. The results of the survey were announced to domestic and foreign press and media on October 12th, through a joint press conference held in Tokyo.


◆ EAI-Genron NPO Joint Press Conference

• Date: October 12th, 2023, 14:00~15:00

• Venue: Nippon Press Center Building 10th floor, Hall A

• Presentation: Yul Sohn (President, East Asia Institute; Professor, Yonsei University), Yasushi Kudo (President, Genron NPO)


You can access the results of the survey and their analysis through publications from EAI.

[EAI Public Opinion Briefing] 2023 EAI-Genron NPO Korea-Japan Joint Public Opinion Poll: Japan and the ROK-Japan Relations [Read Briefing]

• [EAI Issue Briefing] Diverging Perspectives on Improving Bilateral Relations: Analysis of the 2023 Korea-Japan Joint Opinion Poll [Read Briefing]



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