My name is Jiang Chen from China and I am a current graduate student at Yonsei University GSIS, majoring in International Trade Finance and Management. My academic interest is in the development of trade in East Asia, especially in China, Japan, and Korea. During this summer, I had the opportunity to intern at EAI for two months, and I am grateful to have the experience of interning at EAI, which was my first time learning about, and participating in the operations of a top international think tank. The experience has been very meaningful to my academic career and professional career.


Throughout my time at EAI, I was exposed to the operations of many of the think tank's projects. Daily tasks included producing YouTube video edits and managing the platform, as well as creating content for EAI's Instagram and Facebook pages. In particular, I participated in EAI's third Academy academic program. During this experience, I had the opportunity to listen to many lectures by top professors in S.Korea and exchange academic insights with them, as well as participating in the production of promotional content for the entire event, all of which was very impressive to me and deepened my understanding of the development of relations between Korea and neighboring countries.


Through this internship, I not only gained knowledge related to my field and research, especially as a video editor and researcher, but also got to know the staff of the think tank and the colleagues I interned with, who gave me a lot of help and insight (academically and in life), and it was an unforgettable experience to work with colleagues from different countries, which I will never forget! Thanks to EAI, I will never forget the experience of working next to Gyeongbokgung this summer!



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