RANE Stratfor and the East Asia Institute (President Yul Sohn) held an online seminar, in which our panelists addressed traditional security issues and non-security issues including:


  • Expanding the U.S.-ROK alliance and partnership beyond the Korean Peninsula

  • Priorities and policies toward North Korea

  • South Korea’s regional and international interests as a rising Middle Power

  • Navigating U.S.-China strategic tensions, in both traditional security and technology development and supply chains

  • The role of nuclear power and green energy in managing climate change and enhancing economic and technological cooperation.



Matthew Bey, Stratfor Senior Analyst at RANE

Eric Gomez, Director of Defense Policy Studies at the Cato Institute

Seong-Ho Sheen, Professor at Seoul National University GSIS

Seungjoo Lee, Chair of the Trade, Technology, and Transformation Research Center at EAI and Professor at Chungang University



Rodger Baker, Stratfor Senior Vice President for Strategic Analysis at RANE

Yul Sohn, President of EAI and Professor at Yonsei University GSIS



This event was sponsored by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Houston.

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