Korean Identity


In 2005, EAI initiated a public opinion survey aimed at identifying the shifting values and identity of South Koreans. Since then, the survey has been conducted once every five years. This survey highlights the concept of South Korean identity in various ways by analyzing how South Korean people perceive themselves and others. It also covers social issues such as views of Korean history, social participation, perceptions of social conflicts, and perceptions of foreign affairs. Shifts in identity do not occur rapidly. It is necessary to acquire longitudinal survey data in order to pinpoint changing trends. EAI has conducted this survey three times over the last fifteen years, and the next survey will take place in 2020. EAI published the results of this long-term public opinion survey, last conducted in 2015, in a volume titled South Korean Identity: Change and Continuity, 2005-2015. The publication was awarded the 2017 Sejong Book Prize for Academic Publications, which is given by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

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