EAI-KF Korea Friendship


The East Asia Institute (EAI) co-hosts the Korea Friendship project with the sponsorship of the Korea Foundation (KF) for international students residing in Korea. Through this project, international students currently enrolled in universities in Korea have the opportunity to "explore," "communicate," and "empathize" with Korea. The program consists of three phases. Korea Friendship Academicus is a lecture series about the politics, society, economy, and culture of Korea, and Korea Friendship Communicus is a conference where participating students present and exchange their research and knowledge on topics related to Korea. The last phase of the program is Korea Friendship Empathicus, which facilitates personal and professional networking for participants.

[Korea Friendship Academicus]

Korea Friendship Academicus is an eight-part ongoing lecture series that examines contemporary Korean society. International students go beyond traditional classroom learning and explore a variety of aspects of Korean politics, economics, culture, society, media, diplomatic security, and education to gain a more comprehensive understanding.

[Korea Friendship Communicus]

Korea Friendship Communicus is the next step of the program, where students write an essay and then present it at a conference. This provides them with an opportunity to use their newly acquired understanding of Korean issues gained through Korea Friendship Academicus by composing a unique essay on a topic related to the lectures, which they then present and debate with their fellow international students. Students who choose to participate submit a one-page research prospectus following the completion of Korea Friendship Academicus. A group of professors play the role of advisors for this portion of the program, evaluating the research proposals and selecting the top 5-10. Those students whose proposals are selected go on to present at the Next Generation Conference. Their presentations are followed by a lively debate. The professors who act as advisors mentor the students throughout the writing process.

[Korea Friendship Empathicus]

Korea Friendship Empathicus is the third part of the program, and focuses on networking and getting to know one another. Students who successfully complete the first two portions of the program are awarded certificates of completion at a ceremony that is attended by Korea Friendship alumni. The certificates designate the students as honorary ambassadors of Korea. It is also an opportunity for international students to encounter different members of Korean society and deepen understanding through the promotion of cultural exchange.



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