Seminars & Essay Competition on the Future of Korean Diplomacy


The East Asia Institute (EAI) offers an academic program on the "Future of Korean Diplomacy” to nurture the next generation of public policy experts. Students attend lectures by EAI fellows and leading academics of South Korea's international studies and political science to study the future of the Asia-Pacific order, ROK-U.S. relations, ROK-Japan relations, ROK-China relations, the North Korea problem and multilateral diplomacy.
Those who have successfully completed the Academy's requirements receive certificates and participate in the EAI essay competition by writing a research paper based on their studies. Students then present their research findings and are provided feedback by EAI Academy lecturers and experts.


Eligibility: Individuals of age 40 or younger


How to Apply

- To apply, please complete the application form provided on the EAI website (
- Application and tuition fees are waived for all students.
- Inquiries: EAI Academy (


Essay Competition

- Topic: Topics related to the future of Korean diplomacy
- Award: Cash prize provided to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place individuals
- Benefit: Commentaries by EAI Experts (papers that pass first round)
- Location: East Asia Institute (EAI)


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