[Global NK Newsletter] Interpreting Kim Ju Ae’s Public Appearance

  • 2023-10-31

September 11, 2023

[Global NK Commentary] Significance and Implications of Kim Ju Ae’s Public Appearance

Kyong Hui Choi, president of the South and North Development (SAND) Institute, explains that Kim Jong Un’s decision to showcase his young daughter, Kim Ju Ae, to the public reflects his desire to secure absolute authority in the North Korean society by elevating himself as the “Great Father of the People.” Recalling that Kim Jong Il first appeared as a devout son and embodiment of loyalty to Kim Il Sung, Choi claims that Kim Jong Un aims to utilize his daughter as a means to force unconditional loyalty and piety from the people by introducing an additional concept of “filial piety” toward the leader. Furthermore, by arguing that Kim Ju Ae’s public appearances imply an exacerbation of the sanctification of the “Paektu bloodline” and a lack of willingness to denuclearize, Choi urges the international community to address DPRK’s nuclear and human rights issues concurrently.

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