[Global NK Commentary] The European Union and Security Cooperation

  • 2020-11-10
[Commentary 44]

The European Union and Security Cooperation:
Bringing Northeast Asia into Focus

Michael Reiterer

Distinguished Professor in International Security and Diplomacy ·
Former Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Korea


"European Union's role in keeping peace in Korean Peninsula and needs for cooperation"

The European Union and South Korea are important partners for each other in many aspects. The EU's eighth largest trading partner is South Korea, and the EU is the fourth largest export market for South Korea. In addition to trade, the two countries directly affect one another in information technology, health sector, as well as in security. Dr. Michael Reiterer, former ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Korea, explains the needs for international security cooperation in Asia. He argues that Seoul needs to contribute more in dealing with North Korea in order to maintain peace within the region. He also argues that “When necessary, South Korea must be prepared to use instruments, including commercial sanctions to support international efforts to promote global values and rights.” Dr. Reiterer also adds that South Korea has shown potential to contribute to a multilateral system through its experience in dealing with the pandemic. In particular, he argues that Seoul can play a role in engaging with the four major powers to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula. [Read Commentary]
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