[ADRN-International IDEA Joint Online Seminar] Climate Change and Democracy

  • 2023-06-19

The East Asia Institute (President Yul Sohn), as a Secretariat of the Asia Democracy Research Network (ADRN), invites you to the seventeenth online seminar of the Democracy Cooperation series, titled "Climate Change and Democracy." For this seminar, the ADRN has partnered with International IDEA, which has recently published its "Climate Change and Democracy: Insights from Asia and the Pacific" report.

Asia is the most populous and the most climate-vulnerable region with the world's first and third biggest carbon emitters, China and India. Today, critics claim that democracies' response to climate change is much impeded due to their slow decision-making process and short-termism. Some go as far as to claim that authoritarianism is needed to tackle the crisis more effectively. Given such context, this ADRN-International IDEA Joint Webinar will serve as an excellent platform for experts from all across the region to discuss why democracies can better cope with climate change in the long run and explore the areas of improvement that Asian democracies should work on together.

※ Only pre-registered audience will have access to the webinar. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Register in advance at this link: 

Time/Date: 19 June 2023 (Monday) 14:00 - 16:00 KST



Sook Jong Lee (Representative, ADRN; Senior Fellow, East Asia Institute)


Presenters (order of presentation)

Joo-Cheong Tham (Professor, Melbourne Law School)

Niranjan Sahoo (Senior Fellow, Observer Research Foundation)

Marlea P. Muñez (President, Women's Initiatives for Society, Culture, and Environment)

Tsuji Yuichiro (Professor, Meiji University)


Panelists (alphabetical order)

Adhy Aman (Senior Programme Manager, Asia & the Pacific Regional Programme, International IDEA)

Sook Jong Lee (Representative, ADRN; Senior Fellow, East Asia Institute)

Taedong Lee (Professor, Yonsei University)

Youhyun Lee (Professor, Ajou University)

Leena Rikkila Tamang (Regional Director, Asia & the Pacific Regional Programme, International IDEA

※This seminar is conducted in English via Zoom.

※The seminar will be recorded and uploaded onto the EAI YouTube channel on a later date.