◆ The 10th Korea-Japan Joint Public Opinion Poll


The East Asia Institute (EAI, President Yul Sohn) and Genron NPO (President Yasushi Kudo) held the 10th Korea-Japan Joint Public Opinion Press Conference on September 1, 2022, at 11:00 AM. The results of the survey were announced to domestic and foreign press and media via a hybrid conference connecting Seoul and Tokyo. The purpose of this survey is to continuously identify changes in the people’s understanding and perception in both countries to resolve the differences in perceptions and promote mutual understanding. The joint Korea-Japan Public Opinion Survey has been conducted annually since 2013, marking its tenth anniversary this year.


Key takeaways from the press conference are stated below.


• Strong popular demands for improving bilateral relations

• The groups with a high affinity for each other’s country are (1) younger generations (Age 18-39), (2) those who have visited the other country, and (3) consumers of the other country’s pop culture

• The image of the other country is affected by the image of the country’s leaders

• Increased threat perception toward China by Japan and South Korea and decreased mutual threat perception between Japan and South Korea

• Increased support of the trilateral security cooperation among South Korea-United States-Japan

• Converged opinions for South Korean-Japanese policies against China


The detailed results of this survey were later discussed through the 10th Korea Japan Future Dialogue “Thinking about the Future of Korea-Japan Relations amid the U.S.-China Conflict”, held on September 3. 

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