Information Use


The East Asia Institute (EAI) values your privacy and regards unauthorized and illegal use of personal information as a serious problem. Your personal information will be subject to the following procedures.

1. Purpose and Use of Personal Information

The EAI will only collect personal information that is most relevant for providing news and updates by email to users and for users to participate in public opinion polls.

2. Information Collected by the EAI

The EAI collects personal information from users for initial registration; Name, e-mail address and phone number are required for an online account. Users can optionally choose to provide additional information.

3. Possession and Removal of Personal Information

The EAI’s website contains the personal information of active account holders who are being provided with our services and participate in various activities. However, if you wish to cancel your ID or online account, and you do not wish to participate further, all personal data and account information will be deleted entirely and will not be used for any other purposes.

4. Provision and Sharing of Personal Information

The EAI do not distribute users’ personal information to other individuals, companies, and institutions. However, the exception is with those users who agree to their information being disclosed, those who violate our terms and conditions and those who have committed serious irregularities and are subject to legal action. Also we make exceptions in cases of EAI’s online activities which are limited to name, affiliation and position title.

5. Personal Data Security and Management Information

Your personal information will be protected by an encrypted password. You will be the only one who knows the password for your personal account. Any confirmation or modification of your personal information will be solely handled by yourself. Therefore, your password must be kept confidential. When finishing your online activities, it is recommended that you click “log-out” rather than simply closing your web browser. This is strongly recommended if you are sharing a computer or if you are using a computer in a public place. It is vital to do this in order to protect your personal information from being accessed by other people. The EAI regularly takes measure against unauthorized access, malicious programs and any possible hacking of the server. Vaccine programs are periodically updated and systems and data are backed up in order to best protect your information from being lost.

6. Editing and Deleting Personal Account Information

It is possible at anytime to view or edit your registered personal account information and to request for the deletion of your account ID as well. Editing your personal account information is made according to certain arranged procedures. If you have any complaints or suggestions, please feel free to contact the Web Administrator, Tel: 02-2277-1683, e-mail:

7. Web Administrator

Name : Yuhyun Sung
Phone : 02-2277-1683 (Ext.210)
E-mail :