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[Working Paper] Incomplete Democratization in Asian Democracies
Eric C. C. Chang November 03, 2017
[Working Paper] Foreign-Imposed Regime Change and Intervention in Chinese Foreign Policy at the UN Security Council
Courtney J. Fung October 20, 2017
[Research paper] The Desirability and Feasibility of Nuclear Sharing in Northeast Asia: A South Korean Perspective
Hwee-rhak Park September 20, 2017
[Research Paper] ROK-Japan Security Cooperation in a Turbulent Strategic Environment
Chung Kyung-young & Izumi Kazushige July 14, 2017
[Working Paper] Globalization and Welfare State Attitudes in South Korea
Sijeong Lim and Seiki Tanaka July 07, 2017
[Working Paper] The Problem of Defining Success in China’s Bureaucracy
Yuen Yuen Ang June 02, 2017
[Working Paper] Weaker States under the Shadow of Great Powers: Foreign Policy Choices of Southeast Asian States
Enze Han March 22, 2017
[Research Paper] Challenges and Opportunities for Water Resources Management in a Unified Korea
Seungho Lee December 12, 2016
[ADRN Working paper] Civic Space under Siege: Experiences from South Asia
Kaustuv Bandyopadhyay, Kaustuv Chakrabarti November 28, 2016
[ADRN Working paper] Empowering Think Tanks and Encouraging Democratization
Young-Hwan Shin November 28, 2016
[ADRN Working paper] Gender Differences in Support for Democracy and Political Participation in Thailand
Thawilwadee Bureekul, Ratchawadee Sangmahamad November 28, 2016
[ADRN Working paper] The Current State of South Korea’s Democracy
Jung Kim November 28, 2016
[Working Paper] From "Look East" to "Act East": India as a Security Actor and Security Provider
Jagannath P. Panda November 16, 2016
[Working Paper] What’s the Matter with Trump?
Heajeong Lee September 23, 2016
[Working Paper] Territorial Disputes and Social Activism in Northeast Asia: The quest for ontological security in Japan, Korea and Taiwan
Alexander Bukh September 07, 2016
[Working Paper] Raising Islands, Rising Tensions: Perceptions from Washington on the South China Sea Dispute
Benjamin A. Engel, Thomas Burkhalter, Seunghwa Madeleine Han, and Jordan Marks August 12, 2016
[Special Report] The First Step toward Participatory Budgeting in Myanmar
Sandhi Governance Institute·Renaissance Institute·Open Myanmar Initiative·Yangon School of Political Science July 22, 2016
[Working Paper] South Korean Democratization: A Comparative Empirical Appraisal
Jung Kim May 25, 2016
[Working Paper] Understanding Pathways to Conflict in the Western Pacific
David W. Kearn, Jr. May 09, 2016
[Special Report] The Co-evolution of Korea and Japan for a New Era
Young-Sun Ha · Yul Sohn · Sook Jong Lee · Won-Deog Lee · Chaesung Chun · Jae Jeong Chung March 24, 2016