Research Centers

Center for Japan Studies


The Center for Japan Studies observes shifts in Japan's political, economic and social institutions and analyzes the past, the present and the future of Korea-Japan relations. Japan faces various challenges in the 21st century. It needs to adjust its foreign policy to address the changing global power dynamics resulting from China’s rise and great power politics. The country is also in search of a new socio-economic model which can exploit recent rapid developments in science and technology. Meanwhile, byproducts of globalization including increased income inequality and social polarization, weakened social ties, and the rise of populism and right-wing nationalism add to the existing surge of domestic political changes. Amidst these challenges, Korea-Japan relations are also experiencing turbulence. EAI's Center for Japan Studies provides in-depth analysis of this phenomenon through commentaries by experts, special reports, publications, and consultation with government entities. Since 2013, the Center has also conducted annual cross-national public opinion surveys with The Genron NPO (Japan) on Korea-Japan public perceptions. The results of the survey are analyzed and discussed at the annual "Korea-Japan Future Dialogue" in hopes of envisioning a new Korea-Japan partnership.

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