Research Centers

Center for Public Opinion Research


The Center for Public Opinion Research serves not only as a "fact tank" that examines trends in public opinion objectively and precisely, but also as a "think tank" that sets a political and social agenda which affects issues of national interest as well as people's everyday lives and suggests ways to reflect and coordinate public opinions on that agenda. The Center seeks to identify the underlying causes that divide public opinion, present solutions, and provide paths to incorporate public opinion into policy. This effort is undertaken as a preventive measure which can ensure the success of government policy by predicting shifts in public opinion, which is variable and superficial, in advance, rather than chasing them subsequently. In pursuit of this, the Center has formed a research network comprising experts in academia, the media, and research firms. The research focus of this group is finding reasonable and democratic ways to measure public opinion through systematic analysis of polling data and formulating a policy agenda on based on such analysis.

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