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    JEAS is devoted to publishing cutting edge social science on East and Southeast Asia. The journal is interested in work that combines theory, novel empirical contributions and engagement with the major substantive issues facing the region. The JEAS publishes primarily in the fields of international relations, including both international political economy and security studies, and comparative politics. However, we welcome interdisciplinary work and contributions from sociology, applied economics and business studies as well. The journal is also open to roundtables on important new books on the region, review essays and shorter research notes. SSCI indexed, the journal prides itself on a strong peer-review process.For more information on submissions and subscriptions, visit the website at Cambridge University Press.

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Journal of East Asian StudiesCurrent Issue Vol.18 No.3

  • The most recent issue of JEAS opens with two contributions based on survey experiments, both focusing on China.

    It is impossible to censor everything; the debate about the contours of Chinese media censorship centers on what the government does and doesn’t allow. Li Shao conducts an unusual survey experiment on media professionals. The findings confirm the observation that the government is much more sensitive to challenges to its authority than to challenges focused on performance failures, which might reveal useful information.

    Tetsuro Kobayashi and Azusa Katagiri address one of the central problems in IR theory: how publics respond to a rising China. They test two competing models, manipulating threats, and find that there is no across-the-board rally-around-the-flag effect: conservatives remain wary of China, but liberals will tend to shift views when confronted with evidence of threat. Yet the study also finds strong evidence of continued reticence among liberals: when primed with images of Prime Minister Abe as commander of the armed forces, support for a more hawkish stance among liberals evaporates.


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Manuscripts for articles, review essays, and research notes should be submitted electronically, via the JEAS ScholarOne site.
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