Choosing Peace over Violence: Opening a New Chapter for Korean Social Movements
Social movements in South Korea in the past may have started out peaceful, but due to clashes with public authorities, they have oftentimes ended up in violence. Suk-Ki Kong explores why and how Korean civil society chose the path of peaceful civil revolution in 2016. Kong discusses favorable political opportunities and open space, changes in public awareness, and role of internet space and social media in order to explain the Korean candlelight vigil in 2016, which marked the change in Korean civic and social movements. (Photo: reuters)
  • 2017 EAI Scholarship Ceremony and Mentoring Camp
  • Pangoal Institution Visitation
  • Asia Democracy Research Network Fourth Workshop
  • ROK-Japan Relations, the Weak Link in ROK-U.S.-Japan Trilateral Cooperation
  • The Adoption of the Paris Agreement and South Korea’s Response to the New Global Climate Regime
  • Prolonged Transition to Democracy in Myanmar