The Third Issue of 2016 Has Been Published!
EAI is pleased to announce that the third issue of the Journal of East Asian Studies for the year 2016 has been released. This issue contains five articles and five book reviews on a wide variety of political and social themes in East Asia. The following topics are discussed in depth: the accountability of Indonesian local governments to the poor, the hukou system and migrant integration in China, local economic voting and regionalism in South Korea, urban redevelopment and democratization in South Korea, and Anti-Japanese demonstrations in China.
  • Asia Democracy Research Network Fourth Workshop
  • The Japan Institute of International Affairs Visiting Researchers Meeting
  • Strengthening Civil Society Organizations in Myanmar: Third Workshop
  • ROK-Japan Relations, the Weak Link in ROK-U.S.-Japan Trilateral Cooperation
  • The Adoption of the Paris Agreement and South Korea’s Response to the New Global Climate Regime
  • Prolonged Transition to Democracy in Myanmar