"South Korea on the Call for Leadership in Development Cooperation"
In January 2016, the world began a new initiative to end poverty by 2030 and to bring about economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable development in preparation for the post-Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) era. Emphasizing that South Korea’s development experience provides an alternative model to that of international organizations or Western donors, Eun Mee Kim focuses on South Korea’s contributions to implementing the SDGs, particularly the “Better Life for Girls” initiative. (Photo: Reuters)
  • Roundtable with H.E. Manisha Gunasekera, the Sri Lankan Ambassador to the Republic of Korea
  • Asia Democracy Research Network Third Workshop
  • KF-EAI Korea Friendship Academicus Lecture
  • ROK-Japan Relations, the Weak Link in ROK-U.S.-Japan Trilateral Cooperation
  • The Adoption of the Paris Agreement and South Korea’s Response to the New Global Climate Regime
  • Prolonged Transition to Democracy in Myanmar